Our biomedical expertise covers a broad range of fields with emphasis in the following areas:


Comprehensive evaluation, literature review, and strategic publication focused on pharmacoepidemiology and genetic, molecular, and environmental epidemiology.

Health Informatics

Design and analysis of large-scale database studies and execution of predictive analytics, modeling and algorithm development.

Precision Medicine

Support and management of biomarker discovery and development, pharmacogenomics, and clinical decision support systems.

Drug/Device Development and Safety

Offering pharmacovigilance support, signal detection and causality assessment. Regulatory engagement including clinical trial design, analysis, and reporting.

Scientific Legal Support

Specialized services include risk assessment, product liability, mechanistic toxicology, and IP due diligence and support.

Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Venebio offers support for administrative claims and EMR analyses, and pharmacoeconomics through cost-effectiveness modeling and estimation of market parameters.

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In 2009, my academic research group began a highly productive relationship with Venebio.  This dynamic collaboration has led to three successful NIH grant proposals to study the pathobiology of non-alcoholic and alcoholic liver disease, and several scientific presentations and manuscripts.  Venebio is also currently negotiating with our University the transfer of license to a conjointly discovered biomarker technology for personalized medicine.  I look forward to the long-term continuation of this fruitful academic-biotech partnership.

Arun Sanyal, MD, Chairman, Gastroenterology, Virginia Commonwealth University