Molly Sherwood, BA Headshot

Molly Sherwood, BA

Regulatory Specialist/Project Coordinator

Molly Sherwood is the Project Coordinator for Venebio Group, LLC.

Molly is a graduate of Wake Forest University with degrees in sociology and biology. She has conducted research at Wake Forest University in population genetics and evolutionary theory where she received national recognition for her research in meiotic reproduction theory, and at the University of Maryland Baltimore County in the neurobiology of the olfactory system. After departing academia, Molly was an accounts manager for a non-clinical contract research organization, where she oversaw a network of more than 500 biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and managed new client acquisition.

Molly most often serves in a project management and coordination capacity, particularly in Venebio Consulting’s manuscript and regulatory projects. She currently supports marketing and client management efforts for Venebio Technologies.

In addition to managing new project initiation, she oversees project coordination and client interaction. Molly often serves a research and writing support role on Venebio projects and directs quality control initiatives on publication efforts.

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