Clients in the pharmaceutical and public health sectors prioritize peer-reviewed publication to give validity to industry-conducted research and to increase public, regulator, and prescriber awareness of a product. This often involves database management and translating data into meaningful results. A complex data analytics background and epidemiologic writing skills are essential to completing these projects.


A large pharmaceutical packaging company with over $6 billion in annual revenue published an article in Clinical Therapeutics titled, “Does Packaging with a Calendar Feature Improve Adherence to Self-Administered Medication for Long-Term use? A Systematic Review.” The results of the review indicated a lack of evidence supporting the role of calendarized blister packaging on medication adherence.


After a lack of high-quality evidence was identified in the global literature to support the role of calendarized blister packaging on medication adherence, Venebio was asked to organize and utilize the client’s pharamacoepidemiologic data to examine whether their technology improves medication adherence. To-date, the data had not been maintained using reliable and replicable data management methods. Venebio cleared the data of errors and artifacts, proposed an implementation plan to address outliers, and prepared the data for appropriate interpretation and publication. After the statistical analysis plan was drafted, approved, and implemented, Venebio conducted the relevant analyses, wrote the manuscript, and submitted it to the client’s target journal.


Venebio prepared a robust pharmacoepidemiologic study design and executed an analysis of the client’s pharmacy claims data including descriptive statistics and a biostatistical model with well-regarded regression techniques used to specifically assess the effect of the client’s product on medication adherence. The completed analysis was submitted to and accepted by the target journal.

How Venebio addressed the challenge

The acceptance and publication of the manuscript allowed Venebio to assist in increasing market awareness of the client’s product, and provide business and marketing strategy guidance to the client in light of study findings.

To see the final manuscript, accepted and published in Clinical Therapeutics, click here.

Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Advanced Analytics, Real-World Evidence
Systematic Review/Scientific Writing