Venebio Opioid Advisor (VOA) is the only validated risk index and clinical decision support tool that calculates a patient’s likelihood of experiencing a prescription opioid overdose with 90% accuracy.


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Excellent Predictive Performance

VOA uses a proprietary algorithm to develop a personalized risk profile based on multiple demographic and clinical variables.

VOA estimates the likelihood of a patient experiencing an overdose or serious opioid-induced respiratory depression (OIRD) by analyzing multiple demographic, clinical, medication, and health care utilization variables that are automatically identified and retrieved from the patient’s electronic medical record, claims data or other sources.

VOA supports clinical decision making by providing individualized, evidence-based risk-mitigation interventions based on the patient’s unique risk factor profile.

VOA integrates directly with electronic medical records or with other systems such as an analytics warehouse, or population health platform. It also can be used reliably and accurately by trained, non-physician health care professionals (e.g., PAs, RNs, LPNs), saving valuable clinician time and improving workflow.

Venebio received a $1.5 million Direct-to-Phase II SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to further refine the algorithm and personalized guidance provided by VOA, and to validate the tool in population health and clinical settings.

Ways to Implement VOA

Health care professionals, including clinicians, pharmacists and insurers, can implement VOA in several ways.

  • Licensed / Embedded Algorithm
    • The algorithm is “lightweight” enough that it can be licensed and embedded in the licensee’s existing proprietary system
    • No need for data exchange
    • Ideal for EMR or population health deployments
    • Algorithm is updated periodically to ensure optimal performance
    • Maximum flexibility for the licensee
  • VOA Secure Web Portal
    • Venebio can work with batch claims/clinical data provided by the customer, and 100% of opioid-treated patients’ risk profiles are published via Venebio’s secure web portal
    • No system integration required
    • Ideal for payors and Medicaid programs
    • Minimal implementation effort required
    • Flexible opioid management dashboard provides a complete program view
  • Interoperable / Full Integration
    • VOA can be integrated with existing systems (such as EMR systems) for full interoperability.
    • Integration options include point-to-point connectivity or Venebio offers third-party interoperability through select middleware partners
    • Allows users to remain in clinical workflow
    • Ideal for hospitals, IDNs or medical practices
  • Manual
    • Venebio also offers a manual VOA tool, when system interoperability and data exchange may not be options
    • No integration or data exchange required
    • Requires manual input of risk factors via Venebio’s manual VOA web portal
    • Individual patient risk calculation only–  no population health features
    • Quality of risk scores are a function of the input quality

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Case Study

Demonstrated Effectiveness: Venebio Opioid Advisor was 90%-accurate in predicting overdose events in a study of 18.3 million patients who were prescribed opioids.1 In a population of 100,000 opioid recipients, VOA was projected to result in:

  • 400 fewer emergency department visits, and
  • 120 fewer hospitalizations,
  • saving $2 million in costs associated with treating prescription opioid overdose.2

1. Zedler BK, Saunders WB, Joyce AR, Vick CC, Murrelle EL. Validation of a screening risk index for serious prescription opioid-induced respiratory depression or overdose in a US commercial health plan claims database. Pain Med. 2018;19(1);68-79.

2. Thompson S, Sasinowski M, Zedler B, Joyce A, Tripodi M, Murrelle E. Predictive Analytics Can Help Reduce Prescription Opioid Overdoses and Health Care Costs. Richmond, VA: Venebio Group, LLC; 2017.