Precision medicine tools offer tremendous potential toward alleviating some of the world’s most prevalent and devastating health problems, but too many of these solutions aren’t developed with clinicians in mind.

Venebio Technologies delivers unique clinical decision support (CDS) tools that provide clinicians with up-to-date, evidence-based guidance to enhance medication and population health. Since drug compounds work differently in each person, Venebio’s algorithm-based CDS tools help clinicians immediately identify the most effective drug and dosage regimen for each patient.

Venebio’s tools offer precise, personalized health care, which ultimately can reduce health care costs, make clinician time more efficient and allow treatment goals to be attained faster.

Learn more about our existing technologies

Venebio Opioid Advisor

VOA is the only validated risk index and clinical decision support tool that calculates a patient’s likelihood of experiencing a life-threatening overdose from a prescription opioid.

Venebio Statin Advisor

VSA is the only validated tool to help clinicians select the most effective statin and dose combination for hypercholesterolemic patients.