An in-depth understanding of the case’s particulars – from translating its nuanced subject matter to coding the complex data sets – is not enough. Scientific litigation experts also must help devise defense strategies and anticipate counter arguments, all while demonstrating an uncompromising rigor to meet the case’s pressing demands.

Expansive knowledge. Extreme resiliency.

Venebio provides a variety of specialty scientific litigation support services. We have a core litigation support team that provides forensic epidemiology and biostatistics for civil litigation including toxic and mass tort, as well as pharmaceutical and medical device adverse events. As needed, we can leverage our network’s expertise to include mechanistic toxicology, genomics, and other medical and scientific expertise.

With a depth of experience in clinical trials, observational studies, and scientific regulatory guidelines and controls, along with a solid understanding of Daubert vs. Merrill Dow Pharmaceuticals, 1993, our team provides expert scientific advice and analyses for our clients throughout the litigation process.

The right expertise for scientific litigation cases

Venebio also offers expert, non-testifying scientific consulting to law firms and their clients on a wide variety of scientific matters related to product liability and risk. Our litigation clients have included top national law firms as well as Fortune 50 medical device, pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies.

Some of Venebio’s scientific litigation capabilities include:

  • Forensic epidemiology (deep data and results review, analysis and reproduction)
  • Adverse event detection, analysis and review
  • Mass tort litigation support
  • Evaluation/critical review of scientific findings
  • Defense scientific strategy
  • Process/project evaluation
  • Study design, monitoring and data analysis in product liability contexts
  • Intellectual property support and due diligence

We provide our scientific litigation support clients with the following:

Confidentiality and extensive data safety precautions
Responsiveness and quick turnaround
The ability to identify high-priority tasks under pressing timelines
Years of experience that enables us to anticipate and respond to defense strategy
Ethical, timely, discerning risk-mitigation interventions