More than ever, health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) is essential to answer critical questions about your product or compound’s practical viability in the health care marketplace.

The right insights make all the difference

As any pharmaceutical or medical research professional knows, successfully shepherding a health-care product – whether it be a drug, device or technology – to market involves more than proving its safety and efficacy. Billions of dollars are spent each year on R&D, and stakeholders and decision-makers want to know if a potential product will deliver on its promised financial and human-health outcomes.

We help bring clarity and data-backed direction to your company’s most pressing health care decisions.

Experience needed to give clarity and insight

Our HEOR specialists provide valuable insight to our clients’ product development and business strategy, with the end goal of improving the cost, quality, and accessibility of health care services.

We can quickly identify and interpret the necessary data and market considerations that factor into a product or initiative’s ultimate success – from go/no-go decisions in early development to pre-launch market assessments. We generate valuable results in the context of our clients’ business with vigorous scientific interpretation and realistic guidance.

Some of Venebio’s HEOR capabilities include:

  • Systematic reviews and syntheses of epidemiological and clinical outcomes
  • Health economic analyses using administrative claims, EMR and large public epidemiologic study databases
  • Cost-effectiveness modeling
  • Market analytics
  • Estimation of market parameters
Supporting our clients' HEOR needs throughout the R&D process