Large data sets, nuanced regulatory guidelines, quick-turnaround analyses and submission-ready reports and manuscripts.

Some might call them headaches. At Venebio, we call them our specialties.

Precise expertise. Dedicated partnership.

Venebio’s project teams are assembled to provide the exact expertise and skillsets necessary to meet your needs. You require a partner who offers unwavering flexibility, integrity and accuracy at each step of your project. Venebio project managers and team members are dedicated to delivering strategic value and high-quality science to our clients.

Clients focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of chronic disease

Our clients span the life sciences spectrum. We serve pharmaceutical and medical device companies, along with other health care, academic, government, and biotech organizations to provide highly specialized life sciences research, scientific writing and analytical support to solve complex problems.

We also work with major international law firms, analyzing complex data and helping to develop scientific defense strategies for their clients.

No matter how complex and urgent your project may be, our team is adept at navigating dense and difficult tasks, often under short and pressing deadlines, to help our clients realize insights and solutions that have a profound impact on human health.

We offer our strategic support, transparency, and decades of experience in industry and academia to reach our clients’ immediate and longstanding goals.

What can we help your company achieve?

Our practice areas and the markets we serve can be found below. Click on any of them to see how we can help your company with your next life sciences project.

Practice Areas

Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Advanced Analytics, and Real-World Evidence

Comprehensive evaluation, literature review, and strategic publication focused on pharmacoepidemiology and genetic, molecular, and environmental epidemiology.

Systematic Review and Scientific Writing

Methods development, execution, writing and publication to answer complex research questions with the utmost scientific vigor.

Precision Medicine

Support and management of biomarker discovery and development, pharmacogenomics, and clinical decision support systems.

Drug/Device Development

Offering pharmacovigilance support, signal detection and causality assessment. Regulatory engagement including clinical trial design, analysis, and reporting.

Scientific Litigation Support

Specialized services include risk assessment, product liability, mechanistic toxicology, and IP due diligence and support.

Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Venebio offers support for administrative claims and EMR analyses, and pharmacoeconomics through cost-effectiveness modeling and estimation of market parameters.