Providing real-world, evidence-based results through advanced analytics and epidemiology is at the core of almost every Venebio project. Our team is uniquely flexible in their ability to move between specialty areas and project phases – from the design through final reporting, and in some cases, peer-reviewed publication.

Our specialties

Some of Venebio’s epidemiology, biostatistics, and advanced analytics capabilities include:

  • Systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses
  • Complex disease epidemiology
  • Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Clinical epidemiology
  • Global and population health
  • Genetic, molecular, and environmental epidemiology
  • Scientific report writing, manuscript preparation and submission

Our epidemiology, biostatistics and advanced analytics clients come to us with questions like these

Icon: Data organization and results generation
Data organization and results generation

We have proprietary databases or have acquired access to large, national datasets – but we need help making sense of it. Can you help us with this?

Icon: Answering a research question
Answering a research question

Can you help us determine if our therapy offers better outcomes or fewer adverse events than the market competitor? What is the market need for a solution like this?

Icon: Understanding the global literature
Understanding the global literature

What has been published about our product, our competitors, and what gaps are out there?

Icon: Submitting to regulators
Submitting to regulators

How do I use the data I have, or generate the data I need, to put together a regulatory-facing package?

Pain, addiction, and drug abuse research

While our epidemiological work extends to all aspects of life sciences, our team has both a professional and personal interest in pain, addiction and drug abuse research. Our research includes some of the largest studies to date of the prescription opioid crisis. This research led to the development of Venebio Opioid Advisor (VOA), a clinical decision support tool that supports safer opioid prescribing by providing an evidence-based, quantitative estimate of a patient’s likelihood of experiencing a life-threatening opioid emergency in the next six months. To learn more about more about VOA, click here.

Other areas in which Venebio has expertise include mental health, diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and central nervous systems, surgical interventions, and research with special populations.